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In Memoriam
Mary Ann Sikorski, 74
     Deceased 2/14/2017
     Wife of Ronald Sikorski
     Mother of Lisa
Józef Maśnica, 87
     Deceased 2/14/2017
     Husband of Wanda Maśnica
     Father of Stanisława, Kazimierz
          & Krzysztof
Franciszek Kopeć, 74
     Deceased 1/3/2017
     Husband of Anna Kopeć
     Father of Piotr, Wojciech,
          Beata & Renata
Katarzyna Lubinska, 92
     Deceased 12/29/2016
     Wife of the late Frank Lubinski
Eugeniusz Mika, 66
     Deceased 12/28/2016
     Husband of Maria Mika
     Father of Grzegorz, Sylwester & Paul
Leon Zajaczkowski, 81
     Deceased 12/23/2016
     Husband of Maria Zajaczkowski
     Father of Elzbieta & Zdzislaw
Piotr "Peter" Lysy, 54
     Deceased 12/8/2016
     Son of Stanley & Mary Lysy
     Brother of Christopher, Walter
          & Mark
Randolph Rache, 61
     Deceased 11/13/2016
     Son of the late Walter &
          the late Theresa Rache
     Brother of Diane, Walter,
          the late Donald & the late Robert
George Czarnik, 90
     Deceased 10/19/2016
     Husband of the late Lorraine Czarnik
     Father of George, Susan, Barbara,
          Judith & the late James
Henry Spanski, 92
     Deceased 9/27/2016
     Husband of Mary Ann Spanski
     Father of Marilyn, Evelyn, Steven,
          Ellen, Nancy & Grace
Zbigniew Kołpak, 52
     Deceased 9/19/2016
     Husband of Małgorzata Kołpak
     Father of Karolina, Dominika,
          Sebastian & Gabriela
Irene M. Rybak, 90
     Deceased 8/20/2016
     Wife of Chester
          & the late Chester Tuchowski
     Mother of Gregory, Jeffrey
          & Gary
Loretta Henry, 90
     Deceased 8/14/2016
     Wife of the late James Henry
     Mother of Pat, Jim, Julie
          & the late Sue
Thaddeus Palac, 92
     Deceased 7/20/2016
     Husband of the late Irene Palac
     Father of Katherine
Helen M. Kaminski, 99
     Deceased 6/28/2016
     Wife of the late Edward Kaminski
     Mother of Edward, Jr., Wayne,
          Phyllis & Mary
Loretta Gomolka, 91
     Deceased 6/28/2016
     Wife of the late Edward Gomolka
     Mother of William
Christine R. Joswick, 87
     Deceased 6/20/2016
     Daughter of the late John &
          the late Anna Joswick
     Sister of the late Chester
Theresa Nauyokas, 85
     Deceased 5/7/2016
     Wife of Donald Nauyokas
     Mother of Christopher,
          Sylvia, & the late Barbara
Helen "Zosia" Tomsic, 96
     Deceased 4/18/2016
     Wife of the late Joseph Tomsic
Irene Nowakowski, 98
     Deceased 4/3/2016
Lottie P. Hepnar, 86
     Deceased 3/25/2016
     Wife of the late Andrew Hepnar
     Mother of Donald & Dr. Gerald
Raymond J. Kubiak, 70
     Deceased 3/7/2016
     Father of Edward & Daniel
Edward I. Jakubowski, 97
     Deceased 2/28/2016
     Brother of Edwin & Jean
Stephen Marszalek, 91
     Deceased 2/8/2016
     Son of the late Klemens
          & the late Anna Marszalek
     Brother of Anna Mae,
          the late Stella, the late
          Frank, the late Clement Jr.,
          the late Joseph, the late
          Walter, the late Richard,
          & the late Robert
Michael R. Bialobok, 86
     Deceased 2/3/2016
     Husband of Gertrude Bialobok
     Father of Barbara, Michael A.,
          Katherine & James
Regina Gronek, 92
     Deceased 1/29/2016
     Wife of the late Harry Gronek
     Mother of Sharon & Thomas
Zenon Szulakiewicz, 91
     Deceased 1/23/2016
     Brother of the late Milton,
          the late Delphine,
          & the late Marian
Rudolph Schurko, 85
     Deceased 1/20/2016
     Son of the late Michael &
          the late Honorata Schurko
Erwin E. Beausejour, Jr., 68
     Deceased 1/17/2016
     Son of the late Erwin E., Sr.
          & Stella Beausejour


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