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In Memoriam
Rev. Wojciech Baryski SChr, 79
     Deceased 1/3/2019
     (Puszczykowo, Poland)
     Former Pastor of
          Five Holy Martyrs Parish from
Helen Troska, 97
     Deceased 1/1/2019
     Mother of Robert Klimek
Maria Perez, 105
     Deceased 11/27/2018
     Mother of Jose, Brigido, Fulgencio,
          Altagracia, Julieta, Juanita, Reyna,
          Maria, the late Merced, & the late
David Quiroz, 33
     Deceased 11/13/2018
     Son of the late James Quiroz
     & Natalie Quiroz
     Father of Arianna, Izabella & Damian
Andrzej Chmenia, 82
     Deceased 10/24/2018
     Husband of Ludwina Chmenia
     Father of Antoni & Stanley
Kazimiera Sulkowski, 89
     Deceased 10/22/2018
     Wife of the late Josep Sulkowski
     Mother of Lucyna, Zuzanna,
          Thaddeus & Richard
Eleanore P. Brasky, 96
     Deceased 9/26/2018
     Wife of the late Edmund J. Brasky
     Mother of Theodore, Randal,
          Daniel, Terrence & Edmund
Stanisław Dyngosz, 80
     Deceased 9/22/2018
     Husband of Leokadia Dyngosz
     Father of Krzysztof & Wiola
Joann Smith, 70
     Deceased 9/6/2018
     Mother of Rachel
Gonzalo Vazquez, 27
     Deceased 8/20/2018
     Son of Marco Antonio Munoz &
          Ana Maria Vazquez
     Father of Isaiah, Javier, Julian,
          Jacob, Elizabeth, Ava,
          Ariana & Dalia
Denise Storcz, 67
     Deceased 8/6/2018
     Pre-School Teacher at
     Pope John Paul II Catholic School
     Daughter of the late Stanley &
          the late Lillian Storcz
     Sister of Richard
Jesse R. Nava, 69
     Deceased 8/4/2018
     Father of Jessica & Melissa
Marek Antolak, 45
     Deceased 7/30/2018
     Stepson of Zofia Antolak
Urszula Gierlak, 91
     Deceased 7/13/2018
     Wife of the late Alexander Gierlak
     Mother of John, Bozena & Lucy
Richard T. Czerniak, 88
     Deceased 6/10/2018
     Husband of Gertrude Czerniak
     Father of Thomas, Judith
          Valerie, David & Richard II
Frank Mogelnicki
     Deceased 5/2018
Josephine Sadley-Stachyra, 93
     Deceased 4/8/2018
     Mother of Rev. Kenneth & Gerilynn
Rose Marie Stalman, 85
     Deceased 3/28/2018
     Daughter of the late Joseph
     & the late Clara Stelmachowski
Emily Bzdel, 68
     Deceased 3/15/2018
     Wife of Antoni Bzdel
     Mother of Adam & Wieslaw
Ann Barashas, 105
     Deceased 3/2/2018
     Wife of the late Alex Barashas
Edward Bogus, 99
     Deceased 2/4/2018
     Husband of the late Mary Bogus
     Father of Sharon, Shirley,
          the late Sheila, & Edward G.
Julia Hebda, 89
     Deceased 1/7/2018
     Daughter of the late Peter
     & the late Agnes Hebda
Wiesława Rzadkowska, 82
     Deceased 11/20/2017 (Poland)
     Wife of the late Jan Rzadkowski
     Mother of Urszula, Mark, Peter
          & Joanna
Aloysius Lustofin, 77
     Deceased 10/29/2017
     Son of the late Alojzy & the late
     Mary Lustofin
     Brother of Mary, Christine & Stella
Irene Tomasiewicz, 90
     Deceased 10/24/2017
     Wife of the late Stanley Tomasiewicz
     Mother of Patricia, Donna, Denise
          & the late Debbie
Frank Moron, Sr., 96
     Deceased 9/28/2017
     Husband of Margarita Moron
     Father of Frank, Gloria,
          Linda, Susan & Mario
Sylvia Mizerka, 86
     Deceased 9/11/2017
     Wife of the late Robert Mizerka
     Mother of Deborah
Kenneth Walsh, 87
     Deceased 9/9/2017
     Husband of the late Alice Walsh
     Father of Mary & Michael
Walter Guzy, 101
     Deceased 8/31/2017
     Husband of the late Josephine Guzy
     Father of Diane & Carol
Theresa Rzeszutko, 86
     Deceased 8/17/2017
     Wife of the late Stanley Rzeszutko
     Mother of Katherine, Barbara
          & Kenneth
Genowefa Zalewska, 87
     Deceased 7/27/2017
     Wife of the late Stanisław Zalewski
     Mother of Stanisława Danuta,
          Stanisława, the late Andrzej
          & the late Tadeusz
Nancy Gacki, 61
     Deceased 6/10/2017
     Daughter of the late Bruno
          & the late Harriet Gacki
Arleen Hildebranski, 83
     Deceased 5/5/2017
     Wife of Joseph Hildebranski
     Mother of Felicia, Lawrence,
          Christine & Valerie
Władysław Zolnik, 77
     Deceased 4/28/2017
     Husband of Genowefa Zolnik
     Mother of Wes, Krzysztof,
          Wojciech & Sebastian
Robert J. Kaczmarek, 51
     Deceased 4/21/2017
     Husband of Irena T. Kaczmarek
Maria M. Mechlinska, 91
     Deceased 3/6/2017
     Wife of the late Jerzy Mechlinski
     Mother of Marek
Barbara Kopsky, 71
     Deceased 3/1/2017
     Wife of the late Lawrence Kopsky
     Mother of Jeffrey & Christopher
Mary Ann Sikorski, 74
     Deceased 2/14/2017
     Wife of Ronald Sikorski
     Mother of Lisa
Józef Maśnica, 87
     Deceased 2/14/2017
     Husband of Wanda Maśnica
     Father of Stanisława, Kazimierz
          & Krzysztof
Franciszek Kopeć, 74
     Deceased 1/3/2017
     Husband of Anna Kopeć
     Father of Piotr, Wojciech,
          Beata & Renata


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